PCL – O’Rourke Peak Cellars


Every metal fabrication project has its own unique challenges. You need a fabricator that provides innovative solutions to get the job done right!



Quality is the top priority for your project. The materials used, workmanship, and process all work together to ensure a quality product.



Time is money. A delayed project could hold up other contractors and lose revenue. Delayed projects are just not an option.

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Winery building that is blasted into the side of a mountain out in Lake Country, BC. What an amazing project to work on over the years and do some real art decorative metals as well as functional custom metals for this beautiful architectural masterpiece. The list of completed projects here are Decorative Metals, Commercial Kitchen , Bathroom Custom Mirrors , Bedrooms Decorative Metal Shelves, Drop Ceiling Art (bar area), restaurant décor, to industrial stairs, railings, catwalks, drains, pipes running along inside the caves with the wine barrels.

Other Clients

Kelowna Library – Custom Metals

Kelowna Library – Custom Metals

West Kelowna Library was in need of a book shoot that was 18ft in height and needed to fit in a narrow area about 3ft but able to have a books go swiftly down. We ran through a couple designs and tested them to make sure any size of reading material would be capable...

City of Vernon- Solar Powered Kiosk

City of Vernon- Solar Powered Kiosk

The City of Vernon got us involved in a unique project for some solar powered kiosks with cover from the weather combined with metal and wood aspects. The project needed 4 Kiosks to have solar powered panels for lighting, covered and lockable metal cabinets. These...

LUX Quality Homes – Stringer Stairs

LUX Quality Homes – Stringer Stairs

Working with the top quality home builders in the Crystal Waters area in Lake Country has been a variety of miscellaneous metals from Stringer Stairs, Drains , Railings, and other Custom metals for a house on the water. Some nice designs created as we get these...